Monday, April 26, 2010

Located in Playa Del Carmen, Angel Notion is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and donations to provide education, medical aid, and opportunities for people of lesser means and special needs.

The diversity of this population and the presence of epidemiological factors specific to the citizens of Quintana Roo impose unique requirements on a health care system. Statistics from the Institute of National Health in Mexico identify diabetes as the #1 cause of death, and cardiac and obstetrical diseases among the most important contributors to death and disability. Congenital heart disease appears to occur with a significantly higher frequency than it does in the rest of North America. The existing publicly funded health care system does not have the capacity to provide access to health care for the rapidly growing numbers of citizens and does not have the first world resources increasingly desired by citizens. Private, for profit hospitals are proliferating to take advantage of aspects of this market but many citizens are people of lesser means, unable to afford for profit health care.

The Vision of Angel Notion is to provide the disabled children of Playa del Carmen with:

• Customized medical attention and rehabilitation to achieve physical and mental capacities of functioning that could not otherwise be reached
• Specialized treatment and surgery
• Seminars on Life Skills to promote independence in day-to-day living
• Seminars on Work Skills to enhance opportunity for job placement
• Love, support and guidance as they find their own way in the community and society at large.

Angel Notion has a clinic with Psychological counseling, Gynecology, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Language Therapy, Orthopedics, General Medicine, Optometry, Nutritional Therapy and ultrasound.

The Association has a Pediatric Cardiology program, with the necesity to help repair, at a very low cost, broken hearts of babies and children who are at risk of dying. During all this time we have been able to save 120 children's lives in Quintana Roo, and other states of Mexico.

There are many different areas for volunteers to be involved in many areas and receive lunch and 50% discount off clinic services.

Angel Notion has the support and generous donations from businesses and individuals of this community and the world. There are many ways to help: you can sponsor a child providing the funds for an urgent surgery such as open heart surgery or sponsor the clinic to buy medicine, medical supplies, medical equipment, computers, maintenance supplies.

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  1. Does this organization still exist and who is the contact person